My name is Brónagh O’Hanlon, I am 20 and I’m from Wexford!  

I am currently studying Electronic and Computer Engineering in the University of Limerick. It is an intense course which requires a lot of critical thinking and problem solving. However, it is also a highly rewarding program. My biggest piece of advice is to believe in yourself and don’t doubt your abilities for a second.  

I initially choose UL to study engineering because there is an integrated 8-month work placement. Work experience is highly sought after in industry, so that was a compelling factor while I was filling out my CAO. I am currently working in Cork for my placement, and it has been so refreshing to see how much of the course content is utilised in the workforce!  

It wasn’t just the course that pulled me to Limerick, though. In comparison to other colleges, Limerick’s campus is second to none. I lived in UL’s on-campus accommodation, Kilmurry Student Village, in 1st year and I took the ‘Plassey Walk’ to my morning lecturers. It felt surreal to be able to walk such a beautiful path every morning. It follows the River Shannon and you’ll often meet lots of dogs on your way! It is no wonder that in 2020 UL was voted Ireland’s best student campus. UL has worked with its landscape to create a stunning, nature-infused campus.  

For my course in particular, the facilities are fantastic. We are not limited in our lab equipment, and many software licenses are paid by the University, such as MATLAB, Office 365 etc. A key aspect of my college experience was how enthusiastic my lecturers were about their subject. As class rep, I had a high level of lecturer interaction, and I was always met with a positive tone and a desire to work together to come up with a solution which works for the lecturer and the students’ benefit. They ensured I understood the content and wanted to see me succeed. I found this especially helpful during some of the more technical modules, when I felt comfortable to ask for further clarification or extra help.