My name is Alanna Heraty, and I am currently in my third year of the BSc. in Psychology. I decided this was the right course for me as I was always interested in people’s behaviours, and wanted to work with and help others. Despite this clear interest, I never really saw myself becoming the typical clinical or counselling psychologist! I quickly learned that studying psychology at UL provided me with a much broader base of psychology.

This is probably one of my favourite aspects of the course as it opens you up to a huge range of career opportunities. The skills and knowledge gained from the course can benefit you in the future, no matter what career you end up pursuing.

The BSc. Psychology at UL carries a bundle of opportunities and experiences. In fact, the entire third year of the course is dedicated to cooperative placement and Erasmus+ studies abroad. Thus far in my third year, I have completed eight months of work experience as a psychological research assistant, and I am currently studying abroad at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

The opportunities I have received throughout this year have really helped me find my career path and upskill in areas I was lacking in. Paired with the Department of Psychology at UL offering internships, workshops, and laboratories, each student has a great opportunity to explore the different domains of psychology.

My journey through the BSc. Psychology has most definitely been a twisty road. Being the indecisive person I am, I could not decide what kind of career in psychology was for me.

 At the beginning I thought I would go down the organisational psychology route and do my masters in that area. At the moment I am looking at the clinical route and plan to become a child psychologist. This would require qualification at the PhD level.

 Nevertheless, many psychology graduates do not continue their studies to become professional psychologists, but instead use their skills in other settings such as human resources, marketing, or business settings.

Overall, choosing to study psychology has really opened up a world of opportunities for me. It has not only helped me understand myself, but also understand the behaviour of others. It’s important to be properly informed about such courses before deciding to take the plunge, I hope this insight into the course will help with your decision.