Hi, my name is Seanie Lambe and I study Computer Science with a focus on Computer Games Development.  

For me, UL was an easy choice. My Dad went to UL as a mature student, and I had been to the campus on several occasions.  

I was always impressed by the sheer scale and size of the place, and there is an undeniable energy that emanates throughout the whole campus. It was so captivating to me. 


I researched the courses that UL offered, and found the Computer Science Common Entry course. I had an inherent interest in computers from an early age. They seemed magic to me.  

My tiny brain couldn’t comprehend how my physical inputs manifested themselves on the monitor and allowed me to be a little LEGO Yoda jumping around in LEGO Star Wars. As I got older, the concept of computing started to intrigue me increasingly. I engrossed myself in researching the inner parts of the computer. 

I eventually started building my own computers, and although I had learned so much about computer hardware, I had relatively no experience programming.  

The computer science department ran an open day specifically for those that had an interest in the Computer Science course. That open day really made me realize that this was the course for me.  

I was surrounded by like-minded people, all passionate about the same things I was. The lecturers spoke to us about what programming is, and made us realise that programming isn’t as complicated as what first meets the eye. It can really be broken down into its rudimentary parts and be explained to anybody. 

After two years, I can safely say I really love this course. There’s a big focus on team projects, which not only is a lot more enjoyable than working on your own, but also prepares you for what it’s going to be like in the workforce. 


There are so many practical elements to the course. I really feel like I’m learning skills that will be useful to me going forward and not just learning a whole bunch of things to pass tests. 

 It’s so rewarding to complete these projects and have an actual piece of software that you created and can compare with your friends to see how they went about getting over some of the hurdles that they faced.  

There’s so many supports available to students, with the biggest example for us being the ICT Learning Centre, a room in the CSIS building that’s dedicated to helping students with all their programming needs.  

The room is full of students that are paid employees and have a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to pass it on. I’m really looking forward to working in the industry, and I can honestly say I feel like this course is preparing me to be an asset to the workforce. 

I want to create applications that are daily drivers for people and provide real convenience. I want to create fun and memorable experiences in the form of video games. I know that in the future, I can create things that will leave a mark on the world.