My name is Leah. So let's start with how I chose my course in UL. I chose the Bachelor of Business Degree in UL because I loved accounting and economics in school, but I wasn’t sure what avenue of business I wanted to go down. I really liked getting the opportunity to study all of the core business principles for the first three semester before finally choosing to major in Accounting and Finance. Getting this opportunity was invaluable to me and really helped me to understand what I liked, and equally as important - what I did not like. I am really enjoying my course more and more as it progresses, especially now since specialising in my chosen field. After my degree, I hope to continue on to do my professional accountancy exams. The BBS degree in UL is a widely renowned and recognised business degree both nationally and internationally which really attracted me to it in the first place as it allows me to travel abroad with my degree. 

Leah mountain biking

I found out about the BBS degree firstly by coming to the UL open days since I was in TY! I found that coming to the campus and getting to walk around, talking to some of my future lecturers allowed me to get a feel for the campus itself and was a great experience. I learned a lot by asking questions I had on these days and to the lecturers and by also speaking to UL students themselves. I absolutely loved the UL campus too, which definitely helped me make my decision.  

As a sports scholar, the amazing sports facilities at UL were also definitely another standout attraction for me. Being a mountain biker, strength and conditioning play a major role in my training. Living on Ireland’s leading sports campus means that I don’t have to waste any time commuting to my gym sessions and can maximise my time. This is extremely important to me as I try to balance life as a student athlete and the dual careership challenges that this presents. As a sports scholar we also receive many other invaluable supports. This year we were lucky enough to have a series of seminars put on for us, which I found extremely useful. We learned so much from experts about many different aspects of sport from injury rehab, to nutrition, to leadership and so much more.  

A memorable first for me at UL would have to be getting the opportunity to be part of the UL Sports Scholarship video. It’s an honour to be part of such a close-knit community and share my passion with all the other successful student athletes at UL. I am proud to say that My Team Is UL.