My name is Hanan Alquraish, I am originally from Saudi Arabia.  

I came to study in Ireland because I love the nature and green places.  

I have chosen to study at UL because I found it a very interesting environment and loved the natural setting of the campus.  

Another reason why I chose UL is the variety in clubs and societies, as it is an important thing to have outlets and to take time off from focusing on your workload.  

I’ve been always good at math, physics and chemistry and would like to work in an industrial environment. When I started looking for courses and found Chemical Engineering, I read more about it and knew that I found my true passion.  

I love to learn new things and the more the course goes on the more I love it. The most enjoyable for me is that it has lots of laboratory work and working on experiments, which I really like to do. Most of the time it involves lots of teamwork, which is an important skill to have when you choose an engineering path.  

During my time at UL, I’ve had lots of volunteering opportunities which I love. I have volunteered as a UL student ambassador, a UL student global ambassador, and as part of the Buddy programme. I love every single one, especially when I have an opportunity to help people. I also had the honor of a volunteering opportunity outside of UL with Engineers Ireland, where I had the chance to talk to young people and inspire them about engineering.  

I haven’t planned that much for the future (yet!) but as I come from a country with oil, I would like to work in an oil company. I am very interested in that kind of environment. Or, if I had the chance, I would also like to try working in pharmaceutical industry and experience how the drug making process operates.