Daniel Bowler
Monday, 17 June 2024

My name is Daniel Bowler and I am a 3rd year B/A Law and Accounting student at University of Limerick.

There are many reasons why I chose Law and Accounting as my undergraduate degree. This dual degree offers knowledge and insight into the core principles of both Law and Accounting; covering the main subjects that are examined as part of the FE1 exams while also examining the fundamentals of accounting.

The subjects of Law and Accounting are quite distinct and could be described as polar opposites but I believe they complement each other very well. The law side has given me an insight to read, analyse, understand and interpret situations on a daily basis, how to advise people on legal matters and figure out solutions to legal issues.

The accounting part of my degree exposes me to the recording of financial transactions, preparing accounting statements, analysing financial reports, and understanding the implications of micro and macroeconomic issues. We also gained exposure to both Income Tax and Capital Taxes as part of our coursework, which I really enjoyed. The course is taught based on zero prior experience which means that everyone starts on the same level, and we all learn at the same pace. I have no family member associated in the fields of law or accounting. I did not do accounting for my Leaving Certificate.

One could say I took a massive chance in choosing to undertake this course where initially I had no prior knowledge of either of the subjects involved but I can safely say for me at this stage of my degree - I think I have made the correct decision. The beauty of undertaking a course with two demanding yet very different principles is the versatility it offers you with regard to your future job opportunities. The knowledge and skills you develop over the course of this degree are not only easily applicable for employment in the areas of Law or Accounting, be it solicitor, barrister or chartered accountant but they are also easily transferable to any line of work you wish to pursue.

As part of the Law and Accounting course, every student has to partake in an 8-month placement where we apply the knowledge and skills we developed from our first two years of college into practice. At the moment, I am in the middle of my work placement with Orbitus Tax Limited. Orbitus is a multidisciplinary firm comprising of legal, tax and commercial professionals. I originally enrolled as a Tax Intern but as time went on, I have been getting significant exposure to the legal side of the operations. I recently undertook and completed the Tax Trainee Induction Programme with the Irish Tax Institute which I found to be very informative.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and hope to learn even more before I return to college for 4th year in September.  My plan after college is to register for the FE1s and pursue a career in the legal world. I also have intentions to complete the CTA (Chartered Tax Advisor) exams to further enhance my employability and expertise. I can safely say that I would not be where I am today without the opportunities and prospects that this dual degree of Law and Accounting provides.

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