Friday, March 1, 2019

The 2019 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School continues tomorrow, Tuesday 5 March, at 1pm in KB1-15 with a presentation by Dr John Lannon of the Human Rights & Development Practice Cluster. The title of John’s presentation is: Paradoxes and Partnerships - Knowledge Sharing and Learning in International Development Programmes
This seminar discusses the paradoxes inherent in international development (ID) programmes and outlines how they shape knowledge sharing and learning. It draws on research undertaken with an international NGO in three African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. By analysing interrelated paradoxes of learning, performing, belonging and organizing, the study found that international and local non-governmental organisations are constrained at a macro-level by fundamental organising paradoxes that are inherent the way the development sector is structured.
John Lannon, John Walsh, HRDP Research Cluster