Enhancing population health both nationally and internationally through research and application of business principles designed to target the challenges faced by healthcare organisations today.

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Providing a multifaceted & cross-functional approach to healthcare problems 

The healthcare industry is facing many rapid changes that pose new challenges to healthcare organizations. Consequently, there is an increasing need for health research that is multifaceted and cross-functional to fully understand the interconnected areas of the value chain of healthcare.

Healthcare is not just concerned with medical care, product, and technical innovations, it involves the careful resourcing, financing, management, and leadership of complex systems and networks encompassing interrelated internal and external stakeholders.

Future-proofing the healthcare sector

Future-proofing the healthcare sector requires a transformational change in the way healthcare systems are designed, organized, financed, resourced, and managed to generate a common alignment of people, processes, policies, and organizations to promote a more efficient and user-focused healthcare sector. 

The intention of the Healthcare Management Principles & Policy research group is to advance innovation and knowledge co-production for transferability across healthcare organisations in the interconnected areas of transformational leadership, digitalization, technology, finance, economics, human capital management, innovation, and change management.

It will promote an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and partnership-based co-learning model to deliver mutual benefits for advancing evidence-based healthcare policy and practice. This will be achieved through a tripod approach of grant application success, research and collaboration with public and private decision-makers and practitioners, and research-driven evidence-based learning and competency development.

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Areas of Focus

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Nuala Ryan

Dr. Ryan is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Management and Marketing at the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick. Her areas of focus include Strategic Management, Leadership, and Organisational Behaviour. She has been a lecturer at the University College Cork, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin, The National College of Ireland, NUI Galway, and currently at the University of Limerick.  Prior to becoming a full-time lecturer, Dr. Ryan worked in the industry where her main responsibilities included HR Business Management, Organisational Development, Team Development, and Learning Organisation Management. This experience has led to a wide range of teaching, research and publication interests in the broad area of leadership development, strategic management and general organisational behaviour. She is currently carrying out research in the healthcare sector in the area of Leadership and Strategic management.

Dr. Briga Hynes

Dr. Briga Hynes is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick.  She delivers a range of modules in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Growing and Scaling the Small Firm, and Small Firm Internationalisation to a diverse range of student and researcher groups across Allied Health, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Equine Science and Aeronautical Engineering at undergraduate, postgraduate and post experience students.  

Her research investigates two streams, one on the different pedagogical approaches to creating entrepreneurial and creative mindsets in a cross-disciplinary manner, and the second stream explores the dynamics of social innovation and social enterprise scaling strategies.  Within the entrepreneurial learning stream, her research examines the process of (embedded) entrepreneurial learning and evaluates new ways of teaching entrepreneurial thinking that resonate with the lived experience of entrepreneurs

She has successfully secured over €200, 000 in EU and National funding for international collaborative projects for the Design and Delivery of Entrepreneurial and Creative Thinking Bootcamps for Secondary School pupils, Entrepreneurship Education, Digital Technology in SMEs, and the adoption of ICT in Female enterprises.

Briga is a strong advocate of external stakeholder collaboration and community engagement with the broader network of entrepreneurs, owner-managers, community groups, professional organisations, and government agencies through training and mentoring initiatives.  Within the healthcare sector, Briga’s focus is on how the principles and practices of entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership can be applied to add value to the public and private healthcare providers.

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Dr Claire Harnett

Claire is a researcher in the Department of Management and Marketing at the Kemmy Business School in the University of Limerick. She lectures in Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Development. Her research centres on people’s experiences at work such as job quality and the organisational climate. She has been involved in research commissioned by the Irish Defence Forces and OMT Global. Claire is particularly interested in research focusing on gender, diversity and entrepreneurship. Her current research is focused on the healthcare sector.

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