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What is included in the course fees?

Our course fees are highly competitive and include registration and access to our library of eBooks and specific course materials all provided via our online, virtual learning environment called BrightSpace. We offer a number of payment options depending on the level and duration of your programme. Funding may be also available. All these details are provided on the course overview including details of any relevant funding options.

What support is provided for learners?

Here at the Kemmy Business School we really understand the challenge of engaging in Professional Learning. We always take a hands-on approach to supporting you professionally and personally and are committed to helping however we can. That is why we see ourselves as a Community of Learning, providing substantial support through your orientation, your period of learning with us, and then staying connected afterwards.

How is my work assessed?

Typically, Professional Education assessment is applied to your current or a previous job experience. That means rather than the more traditional end of course exams, you will engage in continuous assessment to evaluate learning, often through cases or projects based on your current or previous work environment. This approach helps you and your Course Leader more accurately understand your progress throughout the course but also ensures you can apply your new knowledge and skills sooner rather than later. We provide on-going feedback on assignments and encourage active participation in all workshops and activities as a means of getting practical, work-related advice and improving your learning experience.

How much time will I need to dedicate to coursework on a daily or weekly basis?

Time requirements will vary depending on the learner and the level or duration of chosen course. However, most learners find they spend an average of 1 to 2 hours per day on their coursework.

What is the required attendance for the programmes?

Professional Education is more flexible with a variety of online and oncampus options from which to choose. Firstly, find the course of learning that meets your career needs and then see how it is delivered. Online courses tend to have more self-paced sessions that you can do when it best suits you. However, there will still be ‘live’ sessions you are required to attend and group work that will need to be scheduled. Blended courses will have more oncampus time, complemented by online materials, activities and again, often group work that can be virtually managed to suit the team schedules.

What happens if I cannot attend a session due to personal events or work obligations?

We understand that you are managing personal and professional requirements in addition to your education, which is why all our courses are designed to be flexible to some degree. Oncampus or Live Online sessions are timetabled from the outset so you should plan them into your work diary.

Where can I find schedules for the courses?

Schedules will vary from course to course and year to year. Each Course Overview (provided when you click on the course link) will indicate the start and end dates. If you need to know more about the course in any way then individual contact details for each course are provided there.

Will my work experience qualify me for entry to a course?

All courses have specific entry requirements. Typically, you are required to have achieved a certain level of education to progress to a higher level. However, depending on your specific role and responsibilities, you may have acquired significant knowledge and understanding of management techniques and theory during your professional career. This Recognition of Prior Learning may exempt you on some entry requirements. As each individual’s circumstances are unique, please locate the individual course contact details on the Course Overview and get in touch as directed to discuss your specific qualifications and career goals. If you do not have a specific course in mind yet and are just looking for some general advice then email and we will get back to you.

Can I progress from a Certificate through to a Masters?

Most of our Professional Education courses are design as learning pathways. You could start with a Micro-Credential, build from an Introductory Certificate in some area, moving year on year or over a more extended period of time into a Degree. You could even consider taking a post-graduate Professional Diploma and selecting 3 over a period of 5 years to gain our Masters in Professional Practice.