Previous research projects (2014):
Global Commodity Traffic Flows: research project commissioned by Shannon Foynes Port Company on current and future global commodity traffic flows, future trends in ship sizes and the potential impact of continued development of BRIC countries, as well as the opening of the Arctic sea corridor on maritime trade.

Palcic, D. and Reeves, E. (2011) The Future of Shannon Airport: An Assessment of Privatisation and PPP Options: report on the future ownership options for Shannon Airport prepared for worker directors at Shannon Airport Authority. The report was completed in December 2011 and was distributed to a large number of Ministers and TDs, including the Minister for Transport and Minister for Finance, as well as key officials in various state bodies and authorities. The recommendations of the report were reported in the national media (Hancock, C. “Shannon options get grounded”, Irish Times, 9 December 2011, available here).