We are a values-driven Department that champions decent, inclusive, and sustainable work. This translates into the pursuit of collaborative, high-impact research that addresses the grand challenges facing individuals, organisations and societies alike.

We leverage our research capabilities in response to pressing global challenges and selected UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in an effort to better understand the evolving nature of work and employment. Our research priorities are to make work and employment more sustainable and inclusive, with more positive experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our research strengths are reflected in our well-established international reputation, the distinctiveness of our multi-disciplinary expertise base, our ongoing engagement with and contributions to varied stakeholder groups, and our continued attraction of international scholars and thought leaders. Our research is published in leading international peer-reviewed journals and books, along with policy and practitioner-focused reports. Our research has been funded through numerous competitive research awards from leading international bodies and agencies such as the IRC, ERC. ESRC and the EU Commission.