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Research Focus

The cluster’s research comes from the critical accounting paradigm, and focuses on accountability in the broadest sense, responsibility and the public interest. Our current projects include: social and environmental reporting; tax policy formation; educating for responsibility and sustainability; professional expertise in society and the common good and public interest.

Current Events 2018:


You are invited to register for the second annual CSEAR Ireland Conference
                            31st October - 2nd November 2018

Which includes an emerging scholars workshop on Wednesday 31 October, and two days of
papers exploring Social and Environmental Accounting and Reporting.

Further information can be found on the web links below

With thanks to CPA Ireland for their support for this event

Past Events:

More about the ARC Cluster


Selection of recent publications:

  • Killian, S., Lannon, J., Murray, L., Avram, G., Giralt, M., O’Riordan, S. (2019) ‘Social media for social good: student engagement for the SDGs’. The International Journal of Management Education (forthcoming)
  • Killian, S. and O’Regan, P. (2018) ‘Taxation and social enterprise: constraint or incentive for the common good?’. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Storey, M.; Killian, S.; O'Regan, P. (2017) 'Responsible management education: Mapping the field in the context of the SDGs'. The International Journal of Management Education, 15 (2):93-1-3
  • Killian, S. and O’Regan, P. (2016) ‘Social Accounting and the Co-Creation of Corporate Legitimacy'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 50 :1-12
  • Killian, S (2015) 'For lack of accountability: The logic of the price in Ireland's Magdalen Laundries'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 43 :17-32.
  • O'Regan, P, Killian, S (2014) ''Professionals who understand': Expertise, public interest and societal risk governance'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 39 :615-631
  • O'Regan P and Halpin B (2014) 'Class, Status and the Stratification of Residential Preferences amongst Accountants'. Historical Social Research, 39 (1):336-359.
  • O'Regan, P (2015) Financial Information Analysis: the role of accounting information in modern society. London: Routledge
  • Killian, S. (2012) Corporate Social Responsibility: a Guide with Irish Experiences. Chartered Accountants Publishing, Dublin.

Please email arc.research@ul.ie for more information.