Thesis Working Title

Labour rights of creative workers in the film industry – Impact of Digital Technology

As with many other sectors, digitalization is shaping the nature of work in the film industry. My research will consider how technology is impacting creative workers who are at the centre of this industry.  The increase of the use ICT in film making has adversely impacted the availability of work to creative workers despite its rapid expansion in terms of multi-screen theatres, private TV channels, Over the Top (OTT) channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc. As a result, the increased pace of film making is affecting labour rights and the conditions of work in the industry. Importantly, many creative workers who work behind the scenes are finding themselves on more precarious work contracts.  The research will examine whether such workers encounter a  decent work deficit, and examine the conditions and factors affecting their bargaining power. The outcome of the study aims to provide inputs for suitable policy measures that could be used in different research studies, study  for national and international organisations, trade unions (local and global), the film industry and more.