Our Mission

“As a leading Irish Business School in a public university system, KBS is committed to excellence in teaching, and to fostering knowledge and understanding of business and society within a diverse, research active and socially engaged environment.”

Our Vision

A business school that delivers a distinctive educational experience, is research active, internationalised and socially engaged, with an international reputation for specialist areas of expertise.

Our Values

These core values find expression in a commitment to:

  • Promote Learning and Discovery
  • Student Focused Education
  • Promote Social Responsibility and Ethical Behaviour
  • Protect Academic Freedom
  • Enhance Knowledge
  • Promote Access and Diversity
  • Future Orientation
  • Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Societies
  • Foster International Perspectives
  • Support Staff and Self-Development
  • Facilitate Involvement of Industry
  • Continuously Innovate and Improve