Our Mission

“We research and educate to create a sustainable future for all.”



01 Educate

Informed by research excellence, we empower, enlighten and enrich the lives of individuals, communities, and society through education.

02 Sustainable

We lead the Earth sustainability agenda through our own actions and initiatives and through our eco-literate programme design, research agenda and collaborations.

03 Equality

Equity and opportunity are the hallmarks of the KBS and, with our community, we will prioritise a just transition to a sustainable future with these as guiding principles.



We encourage innovation and seek out opportunities and embrace new ideas for ourselves, our students and our world.


Each one of us plays our part to make the world a better place. Through engagement with our students, academic colleagues, industry and community partners, we make a positive difference via our teaching and research.


We value and respect our KBS community. We recognise the importance of fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion and we provide opportunities for everyone to develop and flourish.


We are committed to transparency and accountability, and act with integrity and professionalism to maintain the highest ethical standards in all our endeavours.


We cherish the natural world and the biosphere that sustains us. We recognise that human interaction with our planet is problematic, and we strive to discover, support and implement corrective actions