Between the June 23rd-26th 2020, a team of us at the Kemmy Business School (KBS) hosted the 7th Biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI 2020), virtually (Chaired by Dr Annmarie Ryan). The CSSI symposia is an important gathering of practitioners and academics who come to share best practice and to discuss future issues in the design and practice of cross-sector partnerships. It is a setting where policy makers, civil servants, CEOs, and academics can discuss the nature and role of partnering and multi-stakeholder initiatives to address key challenges in, for example, climate, energy, poverty urbanization, and sustainable development. The theme of CSSI 2020 was “Putting Partnerships in their Place: Exploring the relationships between Practices, Policy and Place in Cross Sector Organising.”  Building on the theme of CSSI 2020 we welcomed researchers to consider how crises shape the dynamics of partnerships in formation and explore how these partnerships come to shape the setting in which they developed. We were delighted with Irish Aid’s decision to sponsors the bursary scheme, which aims to support early career researchers, particularly those working in the Global South. For more details, please read the final report here.