Overview of Internationalisation Activities / Projects of MLAL Faculty

February 2023

  • Prof Antonie Alm (University of Otago), 21st February 2023, 9am | AI in Language Education - Google Translate and ChatGPT

February 2022

  • Prof Gillian Martin (TCD), 11th February 2022, 12pm | ''Intercultural Communication in Health Care Settings''.

March 2022

  • Dr Fergal Lenehan (Universitat Jena) and Dr Roman Lietz (Mainz, Germersheim), 24th March 2022 | Postdigital Cosmopolitanism: Theoretical and Empiracal Perspectives.

September 2022

  • Culture Night 2022 - LLIAF/MLAL in cooperation with PSU and EDI, 23rd September 2022, Millstream Common Room, 6 - 8pm | ''Embrace the World - Celebrating international music, literature and cultural diversity''

December 2022

  • CIGS Day of Austrian, German and Irish Music, Literature and Culture (in cooperation with the Irish Chamber Orchestra and the Austrian Embassy)

January 2021

Dr Anissa Daoudi (Birmingham University), Thursday 28th January 2021, 9am - 1pm

Individual sessions with all students in Intercultural Studies group.

February 2021

Dr Claire O'Reilly (University College Cork), 25th February 2021, 3pm

- Lecture: ''Researching Intercultural Communication 50 years on: A Reflection of Theory and Practice'', plus workshop for ISPhD students.

March 2021

Prof Michael Byram (Durham University), 18th March 2021, 1pm

- Lecture: ''Critical cultural awareness - savoir s engager - politische Bildung'', open to all ISPhD students, plus masterclasses.

April 2021

Prof Helen Spencer-Oatey (Warwick University), 14th April 2021, 10am

- Lecture: ''Working in diverse teams'', Open to all, plus individual masterclasses.

May 2021

Prof Jurgen Bolten (Universitat Jena), 31st May 2021, 3pm

- Lecture: ''Relational perspectives of intercultural communication research'', Open to all, plus individual masterclasses.

November 2021

Prof Arnd Witte (Maynooth), 11th November 2021, 12pm

''Rethinking Intercultural Competence'', Open to all, plus individual masterclasses.

Dr Darla Deardorff (Duke University), 29th November 2021, 3pm

''Intercultural Competence Today'', Open to all, plus individual masterclasses.