March 11 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane the failures of the referendum - &

March 11 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane in the New York Times views on the failures in the referendum campaign and the reasons for the No votes  in the referendums:

March 11 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane was quoted in the Irish Independent yesterday in relation to the government failing to heed warnings about referendum wordings.

March 9 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane programme RTE One's  referendum results programme in order to analyse the results in the referendums on care and the family.

March 6 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane in in relation to the comments made by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on care and responsibility.

March 6 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane quoted in Irish Times How ‘women in the home’ provision in the Constitution came about.

March 4 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane on Nuacht RTE and TG4 referendum on the family

March 4 2024,  Dr Laura Cahillane, Democracy’s Future  international podcast ‘Democracy’s Future’, which is associated with Fordham Law School in NYU.

March 2 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane, Referendum Q&A -

March 2 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane, Forms of family that warrant constitutional recognition - Saturday Irish Times

February 26 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane, Dr Carmel Hannan and the UL Law Society Exercising your right to vote in the next referendum - UL Student Newspaper Limerick Voice

February 21 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane & Ronan O'Sullivan, President of the UL Student Law Society: importance of constitutional referendums and been informed - Limerick Live 95fm

February 20 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'The ‘women in the home’ provision is hardly a suitable sentiment for a modern Constitution' - The Irish Independent

February 1 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Article 41 - misinformation and the 'woman in the home provision''Women in Research Ireland, online seminar

February 1 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Referendum could be about to change sexist wording of Irish Constitution' - The Conversation

January 22 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'The O'Meara case - unmarried widower allowed to claim widows pension' - her research was cited by the Irish Supreme Court

January 20 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'What happened when a badly beaten wife put the constitution’s line about women’s ‘life in the home’ to the test' - Irish Independent

January 14 2024, Dr Ger Coffey: 'Update needed to criminalize gangs spying on Gardaí'Irish Examiner

January 6 2024, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Removing judges after a criminal conviction' - Irish Times

December 20 2023, Eddie Keane: 'Price Wars between Grocery Retailers' - Limerick Live 95FM

December 11 2023, Prof Jennifer Schweppe: 'Public understandings of hate crime' - Today FM

December 8 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Judicial Appointments Bill - anticipated judgement' -Claire Byrne RTÉ

December 6 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'the Care Referendum as cosmetic amendment and missed opportunity' - Newstalk

December 6 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: ‘Civil society groups to ‘consider’ approach to referendums over wording on care’The Irish Times

November 21 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: ‘Beware the referendum proposal on the women in the home – all is not as it seems’

November 7 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Council of State as an advisory body to the President' (Judicial Appointments Advisory Bill Article 26 Reference) - Oireachtas TV

May 17 2023, PhD candidate Saoirse Enright: 'The problem with Article 41.3 of the Constitution and Church-State relations' - RTÉ Brainstorm

March 18 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Michael McDowell brands new legislation on selection of Chief Justice as unconstitutional' - RTE Radio 1

March 11 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Mother in home amendment could create powerful tool to hold Government to account over care'The Irish Times 

March 8 2023, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Referendum on gender equality to take place in November' - RTE Radio 1

December 5, 2022, Dr Laura Cahillane: '100 years of the 1922 Constitution’Morning Ireland

August 2 2022, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'When presidential spouses step out of line' - NewsTalk

April 26 2022, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Changes to process of choosing judges a progressive surprise' - The Irish Times

April 22 2022, Eddie Keane: ‘The Struggle To Get Banking Issues Resolved and Energy Contracts - Limerick Live 95FM

March 31 2022, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Proposed reform to how Judges are appointed' - Morning Ireland

March 2 2022, Dr Laura Cahillane: 'Removing a judge remains difficult despite recent reforms' - The Irish Times