What does Law at UL Offer?

Dynamic degrees

Our range of dynamic interdisciplinary programmes, offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level provide a strong foundation for a variety of career pathways. 

You will learn from internationally recognised staff who are experts in their field. 

You will be supported in pursuing opportunities to enhance your learning experience

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Fantastic Facilities

The UL campus is one of the most beautiful university campuses anywhere in the world. 

Our law students have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities, from the newly refurbished library to the world class sports complex and expansive student centres across the campus. 

In addition, law students will be able gain practical experience in an interactive environment, through use of facilities such as the A & L Goodbody Appellate Court.

School of Law, Appellate Court, U.L.

Exceptional Student Experience

The School of Law prides itself on providing an innovative, enriching, student-centred learning environment. Our students study on programmes that are interdisciplinary in nature, and undertake pioneering clinical placements with prestigious employers as an integral part of their education. Our sustained commitment to 'law in action' ensures that students have access to opportunities through internships, research projects, intervarsity mooting and debating competitions and engagement with external stakeholders. There are diverse international opportunities available. The School of Law has strong links with universities across the globe, facilitating placements in Canada, the US, China, India, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain. We also have a vibrant international student body in the School of Law.

Student using the climbing wall on campus

Diverse career pathways and high employability

A degree in law equips our graduates with the skill set to pursue a career in a wide range of fields and the interdisciplinary nature of our programmes is very attractive to prospective employers. These are some of the career paths you can pursue after studying law (but don’t limit yourself to these, anything is possible):

Solicitor; Barrister; Conveyancer; Company Secretary; Legal aid advisor; Law Enforcement Officer (Garda, Prison Service); Probation Officer; Banking Manager; Chartered Management Accountant; EU Lawyer; EU lawyer-linguist; EU Cybersecurity, Data & Privacy Associate; Civil Service Administrator; Mediator; Court Clerk; Immigration Officer; Insurance Broker; Patent Attorney; Risk Analyst; Stockbroker; Trading standards Officer; Researcher; Academic; Legal Compliance Officer

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