Glucksman Library
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

We are delighted to communicate that UL Library has recently worked with members of the UL Sustainable University Working Group to develop an important LibGuide specifically related to sustainability literacy. This invaluable guide facilitates UL students and researchers in the identification of new avenues in research and scholarly resources specific to sustainability in their particular research areas.

Working in conjunction with academics across departments and subject areas in UL including Dr Ronan Courtney, Dr Audrey O’Grady, Professor Ken Byrne, Dr Yvonne Ryan and Professor Colin Fitzpatrick, UL’s Sustainability Literacy Guide highlights resources that support learning, teaching and research across the entire gamut of Sustainability research, counters tranches of ‘misinformation’ and equips students with the necessary appraisal skills in addition to linking them with current, peer-reviewed sources across aspects of sustainability research.

Subjects and resources in sustainability highlighted in the new LibGuide include research areas such as Biodiversity - Climate Change - Mobility and Transport - Sustainable Construction - Agriculture and Food Production. This guide is a starting point and as more resources become available can be added or indeed if any of the UL community would like to add to this guide please reach out to the library.

How can you make the most of these new scholarly resources available through the University of Limerick?

Incorporate Within your Modules and Teaching: Academic staff can consider integrating elements of this guide into your course materials. They can serve as excellent supplementary resources or references for your students.
Share the Sustainability Literacy LibGuide with your students

Contact the library staff if you have feedback or suggestions in relation to further developments for this newly-published guide.

A very special thanks to Michelle Breen, Head of Learning and Engagement and Mícheál Ó hAodha, Librarian Learning and Engagement, who drove the project.