Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to become a global leader in sustainable development? Look no further than the immersive and enriching experience offered by University of Limerick's Global Leadership for Sustainable Development programme.

About GLSD

Global Leadership for Sustainable Development (GLSD) is not just a programme, but a life-changing opportunity for international students at University of Limerick. This seven-week extracurricular initiative is meticulously designed and delivered by UL Student Sustainability and UL Global.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Your journey toward becoming a global leader in sustainable development begins here. Join us for the GLSD programme at University of Limerick and be prepared to create a lasting impact on the world.

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Applications close Tuesday, February 13, at 18:00 GMT.

At GLSD, we believe in nurturing leaders who can drive positive change in the world. Our programme offers you:

🌍 Holistic Understanding: Gain insights into economic, environmental, and social sustainable development. You'll go beyond theory to develop solutions for real-world challenges.

💡 Innovative Streams: Explore multiple engaging streams each week:

  • Workshops and Speakers: Dive deep into programme-specific education and learning.
  • Ideation and Discourse: Sharpen your critical analysis skills on contemporary sustainability issues.
  • Project Development: Identify and propose a Mission Project in line with UL’s 2030 Framework for Sustainability.
  • Immersive Learning: Immerse yourself in real-world sustainable development initiatives.
  • Social Activity: Build connections during team-building and sustainability-themed social events.

📅 Engagement: Attend stimulating evening events every Tuesday and Thursday.

During the programme, you will form teams and develop a project proposal to tackle a key area of UL's sustainability priorities.

By the end of the journey, you'll have:

🌱 Mission Project Proposal: Craft a comprehensive proposal covering Gap Identification, Solution Development, and Implementation Plan.

🎤 Pitch Deck and Presentation: Hone your public speaking and presentation skills as you create and deliver a compelling pitch.

📜 Reflective Portfolio: Document your personal growth and insights gained throughout the programme.

🏆 Recognition: Earn a Silver President's Volunteer Award (with full attendance) and a Certificate of Completion.

Participating in GLSD will equip you with invaluable skills:

🗣️ Public Speaking: Develop the confidence to express your ideas effectively.

🖼️ Presentation Skills: Master the art of creating impactful presentations.

💡 Idea Generation: Learn to think creatively and generate innovative solutions.

🔍 Critical Analysis: Develop a deep understanding of complex sustainability issues.

📋 Project Management: Acquire the skills to drive projects from inception to execution.

🌱 Education for Sustainable Development: Immerse yourself in sustainable practices for a brighter future.

This schedule is provisionally set only, and is subject to change. If you cannot make particular sessions, please inform the organising team as soon as possible. Rooms in UL are TBD.

Calendar week (Monday) Academic week Theme Session one Session two
22 Jan 0 Orientation    
29 Jan 1 Applications deadline    
05 Feb 2 Programme start Programme introduction Campus tour
12 Feb 3 Sustainable Development Sustainable Development 101 Mission Innovation Bootcamp, workshop one
19 Feb 4 Economy Guest speaker Mission Innovation Bootcamp, workshop two
26 Feb 5 Charity week No events No events
04 Mar 6 Environment Guest speaker Mission Innovation Bootcamp, workshop three
11 Mar 7 Society Guest speaker Mission Innovation Bootcamp, workshop four
18 Mar 8 Presentation prep Reflection session Mission Innovation Bootcamp, workshop five
25 Mar Easter Easter week No events No events
01 Apr 9 Final Week Open presentation prep session Presentations and graduation