Date: Thursday, 4 November 2021
Time: 19.00 - 20.30

(Co-)Creating Our Future

Join online between 7.00pm and 8.30pm on Thursday 4th November. Register for the event here.

Creating Our Future is a Government of Ireland campaign to generate ideas from the public to inform the direction of research in Ireland.

The New European Bauhaus is a European Commission initiative that aims to connect the European Green Deal – Europe’s plan to be a Climate Neutral continent by 2050 – to our living spaces and to our day-to-day lives by shaping more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive forms of living together. It aims to work across disciplines, create bridges between different backgrounds, and build on participation at all levels so that Europe’s transition to being a climate-neutral continent can be a positive experience for all.

This (Co-)Creating Our Future event foregrounds a brainstorm session for the Creating Our Future campaign with an introduction to the New European Bauhaus initiative, to explore what new knowledge is needed to become climate-neutral by 2050 in a way that can make Limerick a more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive place to spend time in.

Thinking about a climate-neutral Limerick, it is not just that we do it that is important. How we do it is important too.’ 

Who should attend

Are you an individual or part of a group interested in a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive future for people in Limerick city? 

Are you involved in architecture, design, the arts, heritage, engineering, physical and spatial planning, manufacturing, technology, environmental and social sciences, humanities or other discipline and interested in incorporating the New European Bauhaus into your research or work?

We want to hear your thoughts on how the New European Bauhaus values of sustainability, beauty and inclusion can become tangible and real in Limerick’s transition to being a climate-neutral city by 2050, and we want to gather ideas on what new knowledge is needed to help make this happen.

The (Co-)Creating Our Future event is hosted by the +CityxChange team at Limerick City and County Council and the University of Limerick as part of the initiation of the +CityxChange Citizen Innovation Lab - a new place for observation, co-creation and experimentation in Limerick. Ideas gathered at this event will help shape the Citizen Innovation Lab’s innovation agenda and will be submitted to the Creating Our Future campaign.