To book an appointment – Ring +353 (0)61 202534

All appointments must be booked in advance by ringing the number above. No walk in appointments are available. Appointments cannot be booked via email or by calling to the Student Health Centre Reception. 

If you need any clarification on any of the services provided please send an email to

Payment must be made at the time of booking the appointment.

The doctor is available for both routine and urgent appointments and can do referrals to A&E and other medical facilities where necessary. We aim to see urgent appointments within 24 hours.  Routine appointments are scheduled as soon as possible.

Please specify when booking an appointment if you would prefer a male or a female doctor.

Services provided by the nurse include:

  • Dressings
  • Stitch removal
  • Sexual Health Assessments - asymptomatic and symptomatic, treatment, referrals to Level 3 GUM
  • Contraceptive counselling and assessment, generation of prescriptions (new and repeats)
  • Assessment of minor illness e.g. UTI, sore throat, ear, scabies - generation of  prescription where indicated.
  • Ear Syringe - before this appointment can take place, students must be using ear drops to soften ear wax for at least 4 days prior to appointment.  Ear drops may be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • NB! Bloods tests will only be done where the doctor determines there is a clinical indication for them to be carried out or where a screening and immunity check is required for clinical placement.
  • Blood tests are done Mondays to Thursdays, in the mornings only and incur an additional €20 charge. 
  • To request blood tests, you will need to book a consultation with the doctor. Please state when booking an appointment that you wish to request blood tests.
  • If the doctor feels blood tests are required, you will then be referred to the nurse who will carry out the tests. 
  • Alternatively, if you have a written request from a GP, consultant or hospital doctor, blood tests can be booked directly with the nurse.
  • Please note that we will try as much as possible for your doctor consultation and blood tests to be conducted during the same appointment but this is not always possible.
  • Students with abnormal blood results will need to revert to their own GP for follow up treatment
  • If you wish to receive a copy of your blood tests please send an email to

FREE contraception is now available for women aged 17-31. You must have a PPSN in order to avail of this service. Please click here for more information.

Please note!! The free clinic deals with contraceptive issues only.  Medical issues require a separate appointment and incur a charge.

For useful information and tips on contraception and sexual health please click here to view a new podcast series launched in August 2022.

Please see below for information relevant to our contraceptive clinics:

  • You must give a minimum of 48 hours notice for a contraceptive clinic appointment.
  • Telephone consultations can be provided for pill requests but you will need to provide a current blood pressure reading and your weight. 
  • All prescriptions are now electronically sent by the doctor directly to your pharmacy of choice.  You will not need to come in to the Student Health Centre just to pick up a prescription.
  • Please state when booking an appointment that you wish to book the contraceptive clinic and whether or not it is a repeat prescription issued previously by the Student Health Center or if it is your first time requesting a contraceptive prescription from us.

New consultations: All students who have not previously attended the Student Health Centre for contraception will need a full assessment by the nurse.  

Renewal of prescriptions: Repeat prescriptions can be issued by the nurse but appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Please note, same day requests cannot be accommodated and it is therefore advisable not to leave it until you are running out of your prescription to book an appointment.

Morning after Pill: As it is best to access this as soon as possible, please contact a local pharmacy as the morning after pill can be dispensed over the counter following a brief health consultation.

Implanon: The Implanon bar can be both inserted and removed at the Student Health Centre. Please state what you need when booking your appointment.  This can be arranged in the mornings only, Monday to Friday.

IUD/IUS:  Advice in relation to the IUD and IUS can be provided at the Student Health Centre however we cannot fit/remove these devices.  This service is provided at the Old Windmill Medical Centre, Lower Gerald Griffin Street Limerick, Tel: 061 313 919.  Please state that you are a UL student.

The Student Health Centre provides a service for screening, diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted infections.  Students must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks after unprotected sex before attending for screening in order to capture true results.  

Students who test positive will be contacted by the nurse within 10 days of their appointment.  All other students may ring the Student Health Centre Reception if they wish to check that their results are back and that they are normal.

An STI screening involves the following:-

  • A full sexual history
  • Appropriate examination where indicated
  • A blood sample for HIV/syphilis/Hepatitis
  • For women: a vaginal swab is required and throat swabs where indicated.
  • For men: A urine sample is required.  The first sample of the day is advised for best results.

For useful information and tips on contraception and sexual health please click here to view a new podcast series launched in August 2022.

PLEASE NOTE! The HSE provide a FREE home STI test kit for those aged 17 and over.  See for more information.

Our chartered physiotherapist specialises in treating: -

  • sports injuries
  • musculoskeletal disorders/postural problems
  • back and neck pain
  • post-surgical rehab
  • soft tissue mobilisation
  • dry needling
  • flexibility and exercise programmes

This service is provided off campus at Old Windmill Medical Centre, Lower Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick, Tel: 061 313 919.  Please state that you are a UL student when ringing.

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