Ten graduates from the University of Limerick answer questions about their decision to choose a STEM career, how they got there and what opportunities they have availed of along the way. Featured: Alice Parkes (Irish Research Council Scholar, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick) Elora McFall (International Association of Physics Students) Ciara Olsthoorn (Janssen Pharmaceuticals) Francisca Afolabi (Queen's University Belfast) Nell Hartney (University of Exeter, UK MET Office) Janice O’Gorman (Johnson and Johnson Vision) Lydia Cope (MSD) Wiktoria Brytan (Bernal Institute, University of Limerick) Shauna O’Meara (Boston Scientific) Roisin Molloy (Pfizer) Documentary created by Alice Parkes All featured are University of Limerick Graduates and Johnson and Johnson WiSTEM2D Award Programme Alumni.