The Faculty of Science & Engineering requires a first year progression review meeting to be conducted with all PhD students enrolled since April 2018. The review meeting aims to help ensure the successful and timely completion of the research degree, with the objective to assess if the student has:
• knowledge and skills appropriate to the stage of their research programme;
• completed work of a sufficient quality to justify continuation on the programme, using the most appropriate research methods; and
• a realistic plan in place for progression and eventual completion of the research within the expected timeframe.

The assessment will be based on submitted documentation, a presentation to a panel, and the response to questions arising from the presentation: full details are in the attached document.

What is required? Each supervisor should convene a panel comprising a chair (the Head of School / Dept., or their nominee), and two independent members.

When? Ideally, the progression review meeting should take place 12 months after enrolment, but a ‘window’ of 9 – 18 months after enrolment is feasible.

How to prepare? The requirements for the student to prepare for the review are detailed in the attached document.

The Review: The review is envisaged to take place within a slot of 30-60 minutes, concluding with an opportunity for the panel to give immediate feedback to the student.

Outcome: The outcome of the review will form part of the input to the annual PGR-9 process.