Anu is a toilet kit which enables people to leave no trace of their human waste when in the outdoors. It is created using re-purposed and compostable fabrics to reduce its environmental impact at all stages of its life. Anu is suitable for anyone who spends time in nature.  

The emergency toilet is constructed using compostable plastics, it enables the user to relieve themselves when in environments where it is not appropriate to bury their human waste. The charcoal lined bag can be sealed, preventing odours and leakage during transport. The anu toilet kit combines repurposed fabrics with material saving design. The emergency toilet, toilet paper and hand-sanitizer are stored in waterproof, compostable plastic which guarantees that the essentials stay dry without causing any harmful waste. Designed with the outdoors in mind, the easy-open lid ensures that the kit is accessible in all conditions.

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