LEYA - Redesigning Home Birthing


LEYA is an over-the-door solution for home births. It supports the upper body and promotes active labouring. It can be used throughout pregnancy to practice active birthing positions and during stage one of labour.  

Stage one is the longest stage of labour and is when the cervix dilates. During this stage, mothers are encouraged to remain active and upright to help the baby move down into the birth passage. Active labour positions include sitting, kneeling, standing, crouching, and squatting. Remaining active during labour is associated with faster progression of labour and better outcomes for both mother and baby. These positions are facilitated by supporting the upper body. LEYA empowers mothers to find a position that they find comfortable and allows them to change positions easily. Additionally, the sling facilitates communication between mothers and their support personnel, as they have to set-up and adjust the sling to meet the mother’s needs.  

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