Portcullis is an all-in-one gaming product that bridges the gap between the physical and digital tabletop space. Through an application and physical elements, the problems of physical clutter and digital duct-tape are eliminated. The solution simplifies content creation and stores the information for use live in-session. Physical controls are used to manipulate the display of camera-feeds allowing users to share live dice-rolls and stream a physical tabletop with the press of a button. Portcullis utilises augmented reality technology to render simple graphic atop this tabletop. This is neither a physical nor virtual tabletop, but an augmented tabletop. Both manufacturing costs and environmental impacts are minimised by reducing the number of different processes as much as possible. Portcullis is made using only die-cut, injection moulding and extrusion moulding. It is simple to create, fun to use and useful whether you wish to run sessions in person, online or streamed to the internet.   

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