Brett O'Mahoney headshot

Meet Brett

Brett O’mahony is a visual Design lead at Saul Studio, previously based in London working as part of the digital design Team at Burberry.

You can get in touch with Brett via LinkedIn.


Brett's project - How might we make mental health first aid accessible to all children in crisis globally? 

The hub project was a collaboration with Humanity Crew, a mental health aid organization that prevents trauma with displaced children and their families through emergency psychological interventions and training. They do this by establishing a new narrative in a child’s memory during the golden hour – the first weeks and months of a traumatic event.

The challenge they set was to enable them to scale their intervention beyond their existing team to a global community of trained volunteers. 

The resulting project is an open digital platform that trains psychologists in their methodologies & then connects volunteers/actors globally through a connected network. This involved the creation of strategies to form then manage a large-scale community, a suit of supporting digital tools and experience design methods for the community to self-manage overtime. The purpose is to give individuals the training & expertise needed to be effective during a humanitarian disaster in their region.