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Victor Muojeke - Camody

Meet Victor

Hi, my name is Victor Muojeke, and I am designer born in Nigeria but raised in Ireland. From the early age of 7, I have been investigating and tearing-down products, creating and selling artwork, designing and metal working products; all leading to me graduating from UL with a degree in Product Design & Technology. Design is everything to me and is something I have always wanted to do. I always aim high and like to take on complicated tasks.

I love Industrial design and Design for manufacture as it lets me put on my thinking cap in terms of sketching, developing ideas, model making, CAD and more. I seek to be an inspiration and improve the lives of others through the gift of design. I believe that product design chose me, and it is what I am destined for.

If you would like to get in touch with Victor you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him. 


Camody is a suite consisting of three products named Camody Mara (primary product), Camody Companion (secondary product) and Camody Assistive (tertiary product). The Camody suite is targeted at deaf/hard of hearing (HOH) pro and competitive cyclists, but can also be used by the general Deaf/HOH cycling population. The suite provides a sensorial indication of incoming cars using vibrations, whilst improving communication between cycling leader and Deaf/HOH cyclist within a group cycle. It also improves mental health by using rhythmic vibration therapy, which has been proven to alter your mood, with a push of a button on Mara. Mara also comes with an implanted thermo electric generator. This generator is automatically powered on when mara battery is critical low. It uses heat energy emitted from the cyclist and transfers it into electric energy. Mara is worn around the neck, Companion is mounted to back of the bike and Assistive is given to cycling group leader.