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Ciana Martin - Bickley

Meet Ciana

Hi, my name is Ciana Martin, and I am a product designer from Ballybricken, Co. Limerick. I have always been drawn to creating and making things with my hands. Studying Product Design in UL has been rewarding in providing me with the opportunity to bridge this gap between ideas and reality through creative problem solving. I enjoy seeing projects through from the initial stages to the finished product and applying design principles to make a tangible and functional difference to any problem at hand.

If you would like to get in touch with Ciana you can visit her LinkedIn profile or email her.


Bickley weaves links between cycling and Irish urban environments by providing a secure and inviting bike parking solution to commuters in our cities. Environmental sustainability is the core drive behind Bickley. In the product’s development, I examined commuter habits; what works for them, what frustrates them, and what would make them change their routines to encourage commuter cycling in Irish communities.

A lack of effective bike infrastructure, bike security, and distance to the workplace are some of the main barriers against commuter cycling in Ireland today. In the past year alone, 6,845 bicycles were stolen in Ireland.

Bickley addresses these concerns by providing secure and user-friendly

bike parking through an account-activated, dual-locking system. As well as working for the user, Bickley works for the city, as it can be applied to a park and bike system, light pathways and most importantly, embody a city’s dedication to green transport.