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Cian O'Brien - Cuppa

Meet Cian

In school my favourite subject was DCG. I was also interested in other technical subjects, such as physics and math. As well as that I have always been quite creative and have had a lifelong interest in making things. When I discovered Product Design & Technology, I knew that it was the course for me. It seemed to be a perfect blend of allowing creativity while also encouraging being more technically minded and logical as well. Over the last four years I have found this to be perfectly true and for those reasons have enjoyed the course hugely. To me, design is all about solving problems, and at the centre of every problem there is the user. If you can get to the root of users’ frustrations, understand their aspirations, and listen to them throughout the design process, then you are likely to develop a highly desirable product that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

If you would like to get in touch with Cian you can visit his LinkedIn profile or email him.


From my research I found that a lack of informal interaction amongst colleagues when working from home was a very prevalent issue. My project, Cuppa, aims to promote informal conversations amongst friends and colleagues who are working from home. Cuppa consists of a coffee cup and a removable base that remote workers can use to send voice messages and have calls with their friends/colleagues. It is a Zero UI solution, meaning that there is no screen, so users get to take a break from staring at screens all day when using Cuppa. Cuppa aims to bring the experience of going for a coffee in the office into your home, connecting remote workers and combating the isolation experienced by working from home.