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Anna Curtin - ALORe

Meet Anna

Hi! My name is Anna Curtin. I am a product designer from Cork City.

My first taste of design was when I was a child playing with LEGO, such a simple concept shaped my creativity and trial and error mentality. Product Design has built on this and has developed my understanding on what design actually is. I have had many opportunities and have been exposed to all kinds of design from physical to digital.

UX and Design Research are areas in which I am highly interested, as I love to create products that are simple and intuitive for all users.

For me, the design process is a journey from the problem area to the solution through research, ideation, user testing and development.

I am looking forward to carrying on my design journey, with the skills that I have learnt from the last four years.

If you would like to get in touch with Anna you can visit her LinkedIn profile or email her. 

ALORe (ALOR education)

ALORe is Assisted Learning through Organised Resources.

“Providing Support to your children in and out of the classroom.”

ALORe education is an interactive, intuitive system to allow parents/guardians and teachers to support children who struggle with Learning Difficulties in school. The ALORe system allows parents and teachers to track a child’s schedule and time stamps where the child starts to struggle when in class. The aim of this product is to reduce anxiety of a children who often feel too embarrassed to ask for help or admit when they are struggling.

This system is based of seamless communication with all stakeholders and additional access to online resources to help support the child as much as possible.