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Tadgh O'Brien - Primare

Meet Tadhg

From being raised on a farm in Innishannon, Co. Cork, I have been shaped into an honest, hard-working individual, who has a deep appreciation for the environment and the world around me. Sustainable design and designing for the environment are the main areas that interest me. I want to use my skills to help others, and for the greater good. These skills include qualitative researching, sketching, modelling, and use of the Adobe suite.

I love working in a team, where we can bounce ideas off each other, and use our skills together to create a high-quality piece of work. Working with people, either clients or a team, collaborating and seeing things in a new perspective helps me to grow as a designer and as a person.

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Primare is a suite of products that educate primary school students about recycling and sustainable practices. Primare looks to educate the younger generations through gamifying waste management, making it fun to interact with, instead of thinking of it as a boring chore. Using products that kids have with them daily means they don’t need to carry around extra products to remind them about the correct practices.

This suite of products was designed for DEIS (disadvantaged) schools in Ireland, where they are buying the same stationery for each student eliminating competitive pressure on parents to buy the ‘latest’ product.

Gamifying each product and designing for something that is practical and they can use, keeps the kids engaged in the products and ensures longevity of the products.