I grew up in Oranmore, a town in Galway and have always found myself being drawn to building and making things. I always had an interest in how things work and throughout my previous education really enjoyed practical and creative subjects.

My design philosophy revolves around making sure that my product or service satisfies the needs of the user in the most simple and user-friendly way. Making sure that the solution to a problem works, to me, is more important than making sure that it looks well. I love working as part of a team as I find that having a diverse array of opinions greatly improves the overall outcome of a project.

My main design interests lie in the area of User Experience (UX), but I also really enjoy working with textiles and other physical products.

To get in touch with Sean you can email him.


Cocoon is a pop-up shelter that enables homeless people to feel safe and comfortable when sleeping on the streets at night. It aims to deter people from potentially harassing the user, while also offering the user a number of ways to protect themselves in the event of an attack. The shelter works within a system in which Cocoon is returned after each use to the homeless shelter so that it can be inspected and cleaned. This helps to reduce the likelihood of the shelter being stolen.

It is made from low-cost but durable materials so that it can be easily purchased and distributed by charitable organisations throughout Ireland.