Meet Micheál

I’m a designer based in Limerick with a particular interest in conceptual and user interaction design. I have practical experience with various aspects of design development and implementation — from managing focus groups and interviews to generating visual assets for communicating design concepts, through to technical work involving CAD, computer programming, and communicating designs to fabricators. If you have a project involved in any of these areas I would love to hear from you.

To get in touch with Micheál you can email him.


Bivopod is an accommodation solution that reduces the waste created by camping at festivals. Every year a large amount of waste is generated by campers at festivals — in particular from attendees abandoning their equipment at the end of the event. My design proposes to reduce waste by replacing traditional camping equipment with a product that is more durable, easier to disassemble and clean, and better provides for the specific needs of those camping at festivals.

Festival-goers can rent the Bivopod which functions to provide shelter, privacy, a secure place to store belongings, and an area where one can dress and wash. This design also benefits festival organisers by reducing the labour intensiveness of festival close-out tasks, minimising waste generation and reducing costs associated with waste disposal, and by providing an opportunity to differentiate an event through the provision of high-quality on-site accommodation.