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Megan O'Mahony - Vocalkey

Megan O'Mahony

Meet Megan

As a Product designer my passion is to actively create, design and build products that positively affect change in peoples lives.

I have long known I would pursue a career in design after selling my first piece of art at the age of 16 to my secondary school teacher in Kinsale Community School. This passion for art led me to my choice to study Product Design and Technology at the University of Limerick, which has enabled me to gain valuable skills from the basics of ideating, sketching and modelmaking to the more rigorous end of design such as Solidworks, 3D printing, Adobe Suite tools amongst other skills.My final project in college, VocalKeys comes from a culmination of knowledge from my degree as well as 7 years of vocal coaching lessons in Cork, this knowledge has led to the development of my product which I hope to bring to full final development in the future.

To get in touch with Megan you can email her.



VocalKey is the key to vocal health and an essential piece of a toolkit for singers. It offers an effective service that helps singers exercise their vocals easily and discreetly whilst tracking their vocal progress and ability over time, by linking the tool to a progress app. This is the first vocal warmup technology offering personal feedback to the singer as well as an adjustable measure to cater for all vocal tract sizes.

The VocalKey tool creates a back-pressure on the vocal folds which generate vibrations in the vocal tract, generating effective non-invasive exercises for the vocal folds. Singing scales and exercises into the tool directly reduces vocal tension and improves the vocal sound. The adjustability of VocalKey caters for all singers as well as those with vocal debilitations. VocalKey is a revolutionary singing tool which optimises a singers vocal capabilities