Meet Katie

Hi, my name is Katie O'Donnell and I'm a product designer from County Waterford. I've always had an interest in understanding how things work and I enjoy the little details that make products brilliant. Because of this, I believe that design is all about the details and I apply this to everything I create. Over the last 4 years in UL my love of design and my skillset has grown immensely. These skills include CAD modelling, the Adobe Suite, sketching, and rendering. I've also learnt the value of prototyping through the work experience I've undertaken outside of college and Its something that helps bring my designs to the next level.

To get in touch with Katie you can email her.

Let's Build It!

Let’s Build It! is a teaching aid for Junior Cycle students (ages 12-16) that introduces the basic concepts of CAD 3D modelling (a key skill in both Leaving Certificate and many STEM occupations) in a tangible and accessible manner.

The kit encourages students to work collaboratively in groups of 3 to build ‘sketches’ with physical pieces. This aids their understanding of how sketches are constructed in space, in relation to the planes and axis. The sketches are transformed into 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) using an accompanying App on a tablet or phone. The kit was designed to mirror digital modelling so students create cognitive links to concepts at an early stage.