Meet James

My name is James Taaffe and I am a Product designer from a small village in Co.Clare called Tubber. From a young age, I always have been interested in problem-solving, being creative, and coming up with ideas. I always picked project-based subjects in school as I loved these opportunities to be creative. I chose product design as a career as I enjoyed the hands-on and creative approach. Throughout my four years in university, I have developed my product design skills. I enjoy all aspects of product design be it from making models to the IT side for example Cad modelling and all the adobe suite. I hope to develop all of these skills even further throughout my career.

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The communication between Managers and Players in Hurling and camogie is very traditional yet oftentimes ineffective. Plan-It is a product/app system that simplifies and improves communication between Managers and players. The app covers five main areas, these being training attendance, training Plans and what to work on, future set pieces and team fatigue. The suite comprises a manager's clock-in device and the player's clock-in wristband, which is how attendance is recorded. Plan-it is perfect for every team from a small club to an inter-county team. The app is easy to use for both managers and players. Training plans are easily created and sent to players as well as all the other features within the app. The clock-in device also has a stopwatch and can be used in a number of different ways. The lanyard can be worn around the neck or elastic feature and magnet make it easy to attach to things when a manager is not wearing it.