Meet Barry

Hi, my name is Barry McGrath and I am a product designer from a small village called Taghmon, in County Wexford. Since coming to UL, my eyes have really been opened to sustainability and how we can create brilliant solutions to answer questions that have arisen as a result of climate change.

However, my interests go beyond sustainability. I love the whole process of creating; whether it be model-making, sketching, 3D modelling, building soft goods, or even digital interfaces. I love the idea of creating something that enhances the life of others; that to me is fulfilling.

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Athrú (Irish); to change or alter. The world needs a solution to the problem of climate change. A large contributor to this problem is us; the consumer. We need to change our lifestyles and approaches to buying in order to achieve a more sustainable world. A first step is what we wear on our feet.

Disposing of your shoes is a difficult task; however, it is made quite a lot easier when we can simply throw them into our nearest waste bin. This shoe allows you dispose of your shoes in simple and more environmentally friendly manner. By expelling the use of excessive adhesives, the shoe can be taken apart easily and the components can be easily disposed of in a more sustainable fashion. This also gives the option for parts to be replaced once they are worn out, extending the life of the shoe.