Georgia Tech
Pictured outside the Lonsdale Building at the University of Limerick were Prof Lakshmi Sankar, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Dr Philip Griffin, Course Director of the MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, and Professor Mayuresh Patil with the visiting students of Georgia Institute of Technology.
Friday, 9 June 2023

42 students and four Professors from the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) have arrived at University of Limerick to spend 10 weeks of their summer in the School of Engineering.

The students, who are between years three and four of their Aerospace Engineering Degree, will be taking classes from Monday to Thursday with free time from Thursday afternoon to Sunday. This will give them the opportunity to travel within Ireland or to other European countries.

Commenting on the visit, Dr Philip Griffin, Course Director of the MSc in Aeronautical Engineering said: “We are delighted to welcome Professor Lakshmi Sankar, his colleagues, and the students from the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering to the School of Engineering at UL.

“Georgia Institute of Technology is a centre of excellence in the area of Aerospace Engineering and the School of Engineering at UL places a lot of value on the exchange agreement between both institutions. Since 2012, our highest achieving students of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering have had the opportunity to undertake take a semester of study in Atlanta. For our students, this experience has been one of the highlights of their degree and Professor Sankar and his colleagues always look out for and assist the UL students in settling into their new campus environment. We look forward to the annual summer visit of GT students to UL so we can reciprocate the hospitality shown.”

Prof Lakshmi Sankar, Professor of Aerospace Engineering said: “A lot of our students have never been outside the State of Georgia or the United States, we wanted to do something for our Junior and Senior students so that they could have the study abroad experience. We came and visited the campus here in 2013 and we haven’t looked back since. Its been a wonderful experience not only for me but for my students.”

The curriculum, which has been developed and is being delivered by GT Faculty, includes Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Aircraft Structures, Finite Element Analysis, Aerospace Vehicle Performance, Jet and Rocket Propulsion. The subjects taken by the students are those that they would ordinarily take at some point in year four of their studies, allowing them to take some course content earlier than scheduled.

The group will be visiting UL until July 28th.