Anthony Mullen
UL Student Anthony Mullen pictured in one of the laboratories in the University of Limerick
Tuesday, February 14, 2023

UL Student:  Anthony Mullen

Course: LM065 BSc Applied Physics

Supervisor: Dr Ning Liu


Last summer I participated in the Faculty of Science and Engineering UPSTaRT programme under the supervision of Dr Ning Liu. Dr Liu is researching and fabricating electrically pumped, nanocrystal-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that have similar advantages to Quantum-Dots LEDs but larger emission volume and can handle a larger current.

My work involved learning how to code using LabVIEW to modify current systems to make them more user-friendly and to add additional features such as recording results from an oscilloscope. In addition, I also learned to maintain a vacuum chamber, and attach an evaporation port to it, and a cooling fan for one of the vacuum pumps. This could be used to apply a thin-film coating to the device when fabricated.

This project has given me great insight into research and development. I would highly recommend this internship as it’s a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to further develop your knowledge outside your chosen course.