Hazel McInerney
UPSTaRT participant Hazel McInerney pictured in one of the laboratories in the Main Building, University of Limerick.
Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Student: Hazel McInerney 

Course: Biological and Chemical Sciences (common entry) and entering into Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry in second year

Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Hudson 

Project title: Designing fast delivery systems for poorly water-soluble drugs 


'As part of the UPSTaRT summer research programme, I was given the opportunity to work under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Hudson. We looked at creating BSA microparticles and investigating the possible use of these microparticles as carrier particles for the subcutaneous delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs. This involved the creation of drug nanoparticles through the process of anti-solvent precipitation and the adsorption of these nanoparticles onto the BSA microparticles.

Designing delivery systems for poorly water-soluble drugs is an important issue in the pharmaceutical industry as approximately 40% of drugs have poor water solubility. Throughout the summer, I gained invaluable experience and skills from working in the Bernal labs. As part of my project, I was introduced to many pieces of equipment such as a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, easymax 402, zetasizer, mastersizer etc. I believe that my ability to use this equipment will stand to me in the future.

I have developed a keen interest in the world of research and will seriously consider research as a career choice. The UPSTaRT summer research programme is a great opportunity for first years to get a glimpse into research as a career path and I would highly recommend it.'