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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

The Faculty of Science & Engineering launched their S&E Sustainability Scheme Scholarship Programme;

23 November 2022.

This new initiative will support collaborative, transformative and interdisciplinary research addressing key areas of sustainable development and themes outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Applications were received from all disciplines within the Faculty, Interdisciplinary and inter-Faculty. The Faculty of Science & Engineering is committed to a holistic approach to sustainable development, and the expertise of scientists, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and designers is required to develop impactful and transformative solutions while protecting our natural environment. Each scholarship will support a PhD scholar over a four-year period, encompassing annual registration fees and a stipend per annum.

Below are some of the project themes:

  1. Department of Computer Science & Information Systems: Giving voice to nature: digitally enabled human-nature interaction to support restoration practices in the Shannon river
  2. Department of Computer Science & Information Systems: Virtual Reality fostering inclusive and sustainable Industry 4.0
  3. School of Engineering & Department of Chemical Sciences: Elucidating Structure/Property Relationships in Sustainable Lignin Derived Carbon for application in future Na-ion batteries (NIBs)
  4. School of Engineering & Department of Biological Sciences: Sustainable antioxidant and anti-neuroinflammatory bioactive compounds from Irish industrial by-products: from cell systems to innovative functional foods
  5. School of Engineering: Improving the Ability of the Off-Site Construction Industry in Ireland to Address the Country’s Social Housing Crisis
  6. Department of Biological Sciences & Department of Chemical Sciences: PotatoBIO
  7. School of Design: Cycles: Co-Designing the future of menstrual products
  8. Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, School of Engineering, Department of Chemical Sciences & Department of Geography: ReSolar; Novel Approach to Critical Raw Material Recovery from Waste PV Panels
  9. Department of Mathematics & Statistics and School of Engineering: Prediction of the plastic yielding of Additively Manufactured Steel 316L: development and validation of a physics-informed mathematical model
  10. School of Architecture: Unbuilding: rethinking the construction of the coastal edge in the face of climate change