Eoin Stapleton
Monday, 13 May 2024

Limerick native Eoin Stapleton graduated from the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering programme at University of Limerick in 2022.

Now working with  Flow Technology, a process engineering solutions company in Charleville, Co Cork. We caught up with Eoin to ask about the course, his time at UL, and any advice he might have for Leaving Certificate students.

​​​​​​Why did you choose to study the BEng in Mechanical Engineering?

I always had a strong interest in cars, bikes and boats growing up. Anything that moved, I wanted to take it apart and understand how it worked. If it was broken, I wanted to try and fix it. Mechanical engineering seemed like the obvious career choice when it came to applying that interest to the world of work.

Which modules do you enjoy most and why?

I found the course challenging, but rewarding. I found the maths tricky, a solid foundation in maths is a must for succeeding in mechanical engineering. I particularly enjoyed any module that involved preparing a report. I enjoyed the process of trying to tell the story of what happened using graphs and figures to do so.

What did you enjoy about the course? 

My favourite modules were the ones in 4th year that were related to our design project. For that project, we were in a group of 8 students and had to work together to design, build and test a miniature steam turbine. Working together as a group and collaborating was very rewarding. I made some lifelong friends in that project and as a bonus, learned some more about thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics along the way!

What did you enjoy about studying at UL and what the student life is like here?

I had a fantastic time as a student in UL. I was highly involved with the Outdoor Pursuits Club, where I was given the opportunity to climb in the snowy peaks of Scotland, the French Alps and Polish Tatras, as well as many days on the beautiful Irish Mountains. I learnt how to rock climb and navigate the hills. I served time on the committee as the club Treasurer and as Gear Officer, where I learnt many valuable skills.

I also had some involvement with the Surf Club, Mountain Bike Club and Kayak Club. All fantastic experiences!

Where did you go on Co-Op? 

I went on my Co-Op placement to Flow Technology, a process engineering company based in Charleville. This placement was organized for me by the UL Co-Op office.

I would say it went very well, as I am now back working in Flow Technology as a Graduate Engineer!

What advice would you give to school leavers?

If you decide to go to University, choose a course that you truly want to do. If you go to UL, join a Club or Society, and find the one that interests you!