UL Early Career Scholarship
Thursday, June 23, 2022

Recipients and their co-supervisors attended the launch of the Faculty of Science and Engineering Early Career PhD Scholarship Programme at the University of Limerick this week.
These early career faculty members were successful in competing for a funded scholarship to support a 4 year PhD studentship in Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture/Design and Mathematics (STEAM).  The scale of the successful projects ranged from the molecular to the galactic, including projects on the molecular attributes of the enzyme cytochrome c complex, the behaviour of spermatozoa and the implications for declining male fertilely in the western world and the formation of galaxies. 

Funded projects will focus on key research strengths in the Faculty, including food science, pharmaceuticals and sustainable energy generation. 

Pictured below:
President Kerstin Mey, Professor Sean Arkins, Dean of Science and Engineering, Dr Cristiano Storni, Dr Reena Cole, Dr Shalini Singh, Dr Eoin White, Dr Vasanth Kannuchamy and Dr Ronan Grimes