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Department of Chemical Sciences large scale periodic table display

Wed, 29 Sep 2021

UL’s Chemical Sciences Dept. has just launched an online fundraiser to commission a large scale, custom-made periodic table display. The 2.36m-wide display will be located right outside the departmental labs where the undergrads congregate ahead of their labs. The display will present a substantial array of element samples, minerals, ores and artefacts in individually lit, encased, 120mm-sided cubes. It will serve as a permanent, high-impact attraction to better promote science among our undergraduate students and among primary/secondary school-goers in the Mid-West region and beyond.

All the details are here: 

Essentially, there are two tracks to the fundraising approach – one for individual donors, the other for organisations:

  1. individual donors can pay €50 - €400 to ‘adopt’ an element and have their short personalised inscription discretely and permanently displayed (laser-engraved) inside their adopted element’s cube, and
  2. organisations can pay €1,000 to become a corporate sponsor and get their company logo prominently located on the display’s front panel.


Would your organisation be interested in coming on board as a corporate sponsor?