Tom Moylan is an American scholar and academic known for his work in the field of utopian and science fiction studies. He played a significant role in developing the field of utopian studies within UL.

He was GlucksmanĀ Professor Emeritus in the School of Language, Literature, Culture, and Communications., as well as adjunct Professor in the School of Architecture.

Tom Moylan has been a key figure in exploring the relationship between literature, culture, and political theory, particularly focusing on speculative and utopian fiction.

He has written extensively on science fiction and utopian literature, analyzing how these genres can serve as platforms for critical engagement with social and political issues.

Moylan's notable works include books such as "Demand the Impossible: Science Fiction and the Utopian Imagination" (1986), "Scraps of the Untainted Sky: Science Fiction, Utopia, Dystopia" (2000), and "Utopia Drive: A Road Trip Through America's Most Radical Idea" (2016).

These works explore the significance of utopian thinking and its potential to inspire and challenge readers to envision alternative social and political realities.

Throughout his career, Tom Moylan has been involved in teaching, research, and scholarly activities at the University of Limerick.

He has contributed to the academic community through conferences, seminars, and collaborations with fellow scholars in the fields of literature, cultural studies, and political theory.