Improving writers, not writing

The Regional Writing Centre is available to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who seek support to enhance and develop their academic writing skills.

One-to-one peer support is one of our defining features. Our peer tutors stand ready to talk to you about any aspect of writing, or the writing process.

They have proven writing abilities and have received training and good mentors who engage in writing strategies that result in well-received written work.

Our tutors help students see problems in their papers and understand why their current writing strategies are not working.

It's important to note that the Regional Writing Centre is not a proofreading service.

Peer writing tutors help examine students' unique writing process, meaning what you do from the time you get an assignment until the time you hand it in.

They help identify strategies that work better, evaluate the contribution made by those strategies and, when it is determined that they are not working, identify and choose more productive strategies.