Tim Cunningham was born in Limerick in 1942 and educated at Limerick C.B.S. and Birkbeck College, London. He currently resides in Essex, UK.

His first collection, Don Marcelino's Daughter, was published by Peterloo Poets in 2001 and reprinted in 2002 and 2004.

His second collection Unequal Thirds was published in 2006, again by Peterloo. Kyrie, his third collection, was published in 2008.

This How I Write, Ireland interview coincided with the launch of his latest collection of poetry, Siege (2012).

Published by Revival press, the poetry imprint of The Limerick Writers' Centre, every poem in Limerick born poet Tim Cunningham's fourth collection is of universal application, but the physical locus and emotional heart is that 'ancient city schooled in the hardships of war'. 

Seige is a celebration of life and an intimate paean to where particular lives at a particular time were, and are being, lived; what used to be called a work of pietas.