Sometimes to get on the 'write' track, we have to expand what we think writing is. Find below many resources about writing and writing from a diverse range of sources!

Writers On Writing

How various authors, researchers and writers discuss and engage with writing. Find our sections on Writers on Writing, Write Drunk Edit Sober and One Campus One Book.


Music to Write by

We at Writing Centre have seen that writers, for various reasons, are using music. We want to boost more collaboration for this writing support tool, and we would love to hear everyone’s input on how and why you’re using music.

Secondary school essay competition

University of Limerick Regional Writing Centre holds an annual National Secondary School Essay-writing Competition for Transition and 5th-year students.

The competition is aimed to encourage and recognise the writing talents of secondary school students in the region. 

It provides an opportunity for young writers to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The competition requires students to take a decisive stance on a prompt, explored in an essay of 800-1,000 words.