How I Write, Ireland

How I Write, Ireland is a series of interviews that inquire into the processes through which, and strategies by which, good writers achieve both short- and long-term research, writing, and publishing goals.

For the developing writer, who may find that there are things in their writing/research processes that work, but that there are perhaps unidentified things not working too, these interviews may provide insights into what she or he might do differently and what they are already doing well.

One Campus, One Book

One Campus, One Book is an annual Regional Writing Centre initiative that invites students and staff to unite around one book, a book that is a joy to read and fun to talk about.

Presentations, readings, book signings, Q&A sessions and How I Write, Ireland interviews are held each autumn and spring and are open to everyone and free to attend.

Books that have been selected for UL One Campus One Book in past years include Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume, The Thrill of it All by Joseph O’Connor,  Melatu Uche Okorie's This Hostel Life, and The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan.

Secondary school essay competition

University of Limerick Regional Writing Centre holds an annual National Secondary School Essay-writing Competition for Transition and 5th-year students.

The competition is aimed to encourage and recognise the writing talents of secondary school students in the region. 

It provides an opportunity for young writers to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The competition requires students to take a decisive stance on a prompt, explored in an essay of 800-1,000 words.

Writing-talk advocacy

The Regional Writing Centre is seeking Writing-talk Advocates to contribute to our Writing-talk blog.

Talking about writing is how the RWC helps students and staff to become better writers.

Now, we want you to join us in talking about writing by sharing your experiences of writing for academic assessment - your thoughts, your emotions, your strategies, your triumphs and your tribulations.